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21 maart 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Racing up and down hills on a segway past crocodiles, kangaroos and owls has to be the best way to see the Australian wildlife. So this is what I did. A segway safari through Currumbin wildlife sanctuary.

After a relaxing week of beach and sleep in Byron Bay it was starting to get a little boring. So a 'holiday' was needed. So off we went to Surfers Paradise, which by the way has nothing to do with surfing and is like the Australian Benidorm. As it was Lucy's birthday the day we arrived we cooked her a birthday meal, had a cake and booked an organised clubcrawl. After being in the first club, realising how awful the music was and what a mistake this clubcrawl was we decided to go the bottle shop and sit on a bench. Realising Surfers Paradise wasnt as good as promised the next two days where spent with films and shops. Beach looked amazing but was closed due to a cyclone just off the coast making the waves dangerously big and the swell dangerously strong. 

So off down to Coolangatta it was. Now Coolangatta seems to have a really nice centre with cafes and a pretty amazing beach. All at least a half hour walk from our hostel... Which is squeezed inbetween a massive moterway and the airport. The sound of landing planes will be stuck in my head for quite a while. All of the staff are very friendly though and its been a couple of hilarious nights sat outside with goon and cards. 

The highlight of this mini-holiday has to be the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary though. When you first step through the entrance it seems a little zoo-like with snakes behind glass and koalas behind fences. But then the segway tour started. After a quick five minute lesson on how not to crash it we were off. Slowly at first but soon zooming around the park up and down hills running over tourists on these amazing machines. The park seems to be just a massive forest with wooden walkways through it and some fenced off areas with different animals. Massive saltwater crocodiles, tasmanian devils, beautiful birds and loads of kangaroos. We bought kangaroo food and where able to get right up close to these amazing animals. An american woman even gave us free tickets to the high-rope adventure course as she had bought too many. Walkways up in the trees and a flying fox right down over the crocodiles was a pretty good free experience. Ending the day by feeding lorrokeets (not such a succes) the week was coming to an end.


Now sat waiting for our bus back to Byron Bay where I will be doing a barista course and going jobhunting. The 'holiday' is over.

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    succes met je werk .