last week in Sydney

30 juni 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Sat in the airport now with nine hours to go till my flight leaves woop... My time in Australia is almost completely over and although I will be very happy to see all friends and family again it'll be very hard to leave Australia behind. The experiences, good and bad, that i have had in this beautiful country will stay with me forever. The people I have met and beautiful places I have seen. The hostel kitchens, backpacker style clubs and lots of waiting around for buses will not be the things I'll miss. The cold weather of the last few weeks neither.

The closer we got to Sydney the more the weather got colder until it reached the point that we actually went out and bought wooly hats, yes I wore a wooly hat in Australia. Saturday evening we went to a rugby game in the Sydney ANZ stadium. Two jumpers, coat, scarf and hat did not keep us warm and with the game being slightly boring too we eventually decided to sit in the bar downstairs and watch the game on the screen. ( Much to the disgust of the diehard Brumbie fans sat in front of us ).

The rest of the week the weather wasnt too bad though as we took the ferry up to Manly and did the Bondi- Coogee walk... half of it at least before it started getting dark aka we started getting tired and we jumped on a bus the rest of the way. Ofcourse Circular Quay was revisited just like the Rocks markets and Paddys. Darling Harbour was a must revisit and our last night was dinner here looking out over the water with its snowflake lights and ofcourse the Sydney icerink surrounded by fake snowy trees; the Australian winter.

Trying to use every last minute to appreciate Australia we went out every night discovering different bars and eating places. The best one we found would have to be the Barber shop. Get your hair cut in the day, get your glass of gin at night if you manage to get through the secret door at the back of the shop into this very cute little hidden pub.

Now off to find some food to get me through the next nine lonely hours waiting for my plane!


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