Byron life

4 april 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Goodbye hostels, hello house!
From this sunday I shall be living in the best house in Byron Bay area. Lovely shared house in Suffolk Park with a jaccuzzi, pooltable and pingpong table. Big livingroom with tv and a kitchen with an oven!!! You will not believe how happy I am to have an oven after all these months of scummy shared gas stoves that never light properly and are always covered in someone elses dinner. Two brazilians, two australians, two english and a canadian sharing a house..
The hostel in Byron Bay was a very nice one ofcourse and met loads of interesting cool people. Some who will definitely be invited to the house for a bbq jacuzzi session. Having the beach down the road, supermarket around the corner and all kinds of cool bars a block away all contributed to making this hostel the best I have stayed in over the past two months.
This week has been a continuous jobhunt aswell. With only two months of time in Byron Bay and a last month in Australia fully planned a job, aka money is needed badly. Handing out millions of cv's, getting as many contacts with work and just asking everywhere is the plan.
Barista-course completed and RSA card is applied for.
The baristacourse was really interesting. After getting a short history of coffee in Australia we got to use the machines straight away. After making 40 different coffees and testing every one I had a slight caffeine-high. All cool to make though trying to get the foam just right, milk the right temprature, grind at the right degree and the coffee dripping out at just the right speed. There is a lot more to coffee making than I had expected!
Today was my first day on a bike for two months. We rented some from the hostel and cycled down to the beach near the house. Well i couldnt of been more happy to be cycling, guess I have been in Holland for too long!! Lovely dunes, ponds and beachviews made it a really nice bikeride aswell with a paradise deserted beach as reward.
Now its getting jobs and moving sorted for the next couple of days and settling in to the Byron life for a while!!!