Rainbow beach-Noosa

25 juni 2014 - Sydney, Australië

One day to see an entire place doesnt sound like a lot but its more than plenty for Rainbow beach. Getting there at 7am gave us an early start having breakfast in a bakery near the hostel before exploring the area. Rainbow beach has an amazing long stretch of abandoned beach reaching along the amazing multicoloured sand rocks. As soon as we where able to check in we got swimmers on and spent a couple of hours soaking up the sun after the week of rain.
Rainbow beach has one shopping street so that was quickly seen but the main attraction of this place; the Carlo sandblow took up more time. Getting there is quite a treck through the sanddunes going up and down the steepest hills for about half an hour before the winding upwards path through the trees. The view when you step out from the trees is worth every step though. The sand stretches out forever and goes on in every direction with lovely views of the sea at one side and a valley at the other. We spent almost four hours enjoying the view waiting for the sun to set which was a spectacular sunset with the sky being completely clear. With the day almost over it was time to head back to the hostel for beers and bed before getting the bus to Noosa the next morning.
Noosa was a completely different place to Rainbow beach but equally beautiful. The hostel we stayed in is a heritage listed site and the last timber building in Noosa. It was beautiful with verandas all around with sofas spread about and a lovely little bar downstairs. The beach, which was white sand and bath temperature water was just down the road.
And ofcourse Noosa's national park. We did a ten kilometer coastal walk that led all around the headland past loads of hidden beaches, small coves and scary cliff drops. We had a picnic sat on top of a cliff and saw dolphins swimming out at sea. Tried to spot some migrating whales but they didnt want to be seen that day which was quite dissapointing. 
The second state of origin game was on whilst we where in Noosa so we went down to the surf club with some people from the hostel in our Queensland shirts. Although the NSW win was rather dissapointing it was a lovely night ending sat in a camper van in the hostel car park.
Saturday morning we caught our last bus in Australia down to Brisbane where we'll spend the next four days before we fly to Sydney and the Australia trip comes to an end...