25 juni 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Southbank has to be the nicest area of Brisbane. There is an archway of purple flowers that leads right through the entire area. Theres live music on every night, a beach along the river, lovely little restaurants and an actual chocolate cafe selling everything you can think off with chocolate including chocolate popcorn pizza. Well this isnt what I had for dinner the first night in Brisbane but the greek restaurant we went to was just as lovely with amazing views of Brisbane out over the river. After dinner we went to a small gig in a bowlsclub where several different local bands where playing. Full of locals it was nice being out of backpacker bars for a while.
The next morning we went for brunch in a little warehouse cafe just up the street in Westend. Spinach wholemeal pancakes with smoked salmon are the best breakfast ever for sure. Then the rest of the day was spend enjoying the sun in the garden eating brownies and drinking fresh juices. A very relaxed sunday.
Monday morning we got up early and walked along the river into southbank with its lovely arch of purple flowers spread all along the restaurants and little stalls. Here we found the best bar ever; the chocolate bar! Selling everything from wafels to pizza with chocolate and marshmellows on it. I got a pot of melted chocolate with banana to dip in; heaven in a cup. Next stop was on to kangaroo point where we had our little picnic along the cliffs. From there we got the free cityhopper ferry around the river for a while before getting off at the pier for a walk through the city centre. On the way we stopped off at some pubs, lovely squares and amazing building like central station and the cathedral. Ending in the Myer shopping centre with the sun starting to set we'd already done over 10km of Brisbane in one sunny day.That evening we went for Margharitas in the Sling bar down the road and an evening walk along the river.
Tuesday we rented some bikes to see the river by bike. The weather had gone very cold though and once two jumpers wasnt even enough anymore we went for hot chocolates and started packing for our flight to Sydney that night.
Now we're in Sydney for the last six days!