Whitsundays to Bundy

27 mei 2014 - Sydney, Australië

After a couple more days in Cairns it was time to run away from the rain. Heading south the next stop down was Airlie beach. Being like a mini Byron with a Cairns style lagoon this was a really nice little place.

One day in Airlie and a night out with Tom, Chris and Jenny it was time to get onto our boat and start our two day two night tour to the Whitsundays. 72 amazing islands spread about just off the coast off Airlie Beach with the biggest island having the whitest beach in the world.

The two days where spent on the beach, snorkeling around the coral and millions of fish, paddle boarding around the boat, sliding down the massive blow up slide and spending the evenings sat around the massive round table playing cards and drinking with the entire group.

Once we got back on land it was the afterparty in Airlie Beach and then on to our Premier bus to go further down the coast again.

Next stop; Bundaberg. Known amongst backpackers for its rum factory, farmwork and awful hostels. Luckily we did not have to stay in a hostel!! After catching up on sleep and exploring Bundy centre for a bit the next day was worktime.

Sanding down three sides of a bungalow in the sun is definitely as hard work as it sounds but also suprisingly fun; getting a tan whilst being showered in bits of paint and dirt.

With plenty of time in Bundy plans will have to be made to see everything we can in and around this city.

But for now; bedtime. Paint day tomorrow!


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