Tourist things

8 februari 2014

Somebody said to me the other day that Sydney wasnt worth staying. That it was just like any other capital city in the world. I have to dissagree. Over the last couple of days i have seen a lot of Sydney. Loved all of it and have plenty more i want to see. 

The hostel organised a trip to the beach. A surfer from Cornwall told me it was amazing so I went. Big black party bus filled with backpackers and loud music made its way to Bondi beach on thursday. Once we got there we had a lovely BbQ and then a walk along the rocks. Once the clouds dissapeared it was time to sunbath and swim. Massive waves dragging you right out and then slamming you back down on the beach. Completely soaked and exhausted everyone got slightly sunburned drying up on the beach. 

Therefore the next day had to be a shadow-only day. After doing a bit of jobsearching and booking a trip to the Blue mountains we decided to check out the legendary 'Scary Canary'. That place has to hAve the biggest vRiety of music I have ever heard in a club. Chris Brown, oldschool Eminem, Snowpatrol, dubstep and ending the evening with a bit of Celine Dion. "If I was the titanic I would sink for you" has to be the line of the week.

Today was a very long active day as the blisters on my feet will show. Walked the full length of the bridge there and back, around the Botanic Gardens, up to Paddys market, around the opera house, spotted rowing and the navy in Darling Habour and walked the complete length of George street.

After spotting a big group of 80 year old chinese man doing yoga in front of the cinema  I have to conclude that Sydney is in no way boring or not worth staying in!