14 februari 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Three days of self-entertainment started with twenty million forms, answering the same question over and over and sitting around in waiting rooms. A typical day at the docters.
After finally managing to get my medicare number the search for the docters began. I ended up in Sydney hospital. A beautiful old site made up of multiple buildings, each housing a different part of the hospital. But; no signs. After walking around for ages and having some mexican cleaning lady shouting at me for being in the offices I ended up in a chemist. Well in Sydney to just get a prescription you have to go to A&E aparently. So after signing up there and filling in the longest form ever the receptionist kindly asked me if I would mind filling in another as she had given me the wrong one.. So after about the sixth form, being sat forever in a freezing waiting room and answering the same questions from  four different nurses I finally got to see Dr James; tall, blond and just got back from two years in Amsterdam. Extremely helpful and if I ever find a place in Sydney that sells speculaas I must come back and tell him. Three hours after arriving at the hospital I left with one flimsy bit of paper; the prescription I came for.
To make the day a bit more enjoyable I went to see the Sydney tower eye. Sat in the observatory in Sydneys tallest building there are amazing 360degree views of the city. From the Opera house and the Harbour bridge to Hyde Park, George street and Darling Harbour. I decided to book a skywalk for the evening. This is where you get to go to the very top of the tower and stand outside on a glass panel. The panel moves around the tower while you get a tourguide telling you what youre looking at down below.
So that evening I arrived back at the tower ready to get up on the glass panel. After suiting up and being attached to the safety railing we got led outside. Amazing views with all the streetlights and the casino lit up. Very windy though and you could see everyone gripping on to the railings a little tighter than was necessary. We got the talk about the north side of Sydney and some group photos where taken. During the individual photos the couple in front of me got engaged. He just pulled out a ring right there on this glass panel at the highest point in Sydney while she was stood clinging on to the railing afraid of heights. During my photo time the rain started. Shortly after so did the thunder. We all got rushed inside the building as quick as possible. The only thunderstorm ever in Sydney and I find myself at the highest point surrounded by metal. After checking the storm online our guide decided to call it quits and gave us all a pass to have another free skywalk when the weather got better.
This morning the weather was still a bit grey and rainy so I chose some indoor activities. Sydneys aquarium is a really nice place to hour. All though it had some beautiful fish and sharks it was tiny. The most spectacular bit had to be the shark tunnel, having them swim right above your head and seeing the stingrays from the bottom aswell. Did get to see a 'dugong'. Sydney aquarium having two of only six displayed in the whole world. It looks a bit like a swimming cow without legs, not very attractive but quite an interesting animal.
Madame Tussaudes was a bit creepy. Going in the first thing was all the american presidents. I actually stood behind one waiting in line for quite some time before I realised it wasnt just a man in a suit. That slightly freaked me out and I tried to keep my distance from the others. Someone from my hostel was in Madame Tussauds as well though and he forced me onto some pictures. It is slightly hard to say no to a picture with Johnny Depp anyway.
Tonight will have to be spent repacking all my bags as I have to move them all right across the city to Bondi tomorrow. Moving hostels to Bondi Beachhouse YHA. Hoping that hostel has airconditiong and that this is my last night in a room that has five fans on full blast and still feels like an oven!

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2 Reacties

  1. Oma en opa:
    14 februari 2014
    met veel plezier je verhaal gelezen .XXX
  2. Dominique:
    14 februari 2014
    Had je nou maar ook een speculaastaartje meegenomen ;-)
    Een paar dagen daar en al zoveel avonturen beleefd. Ik blijf je volgen hoor. Vind het erg leuk!X