The journey

4 februari 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Have loads of fun but BE CAREFUL!! After hearing that advice for the 100th time in a week I was starting to question peoples faith in my sanity. As if I always walk around thinking 'Lets go talk to that creepy looking stranger' or 'lets leave my bag here while i walk around, I'm sure it will be fine'. 
Well maybe.....they were a little right as I have already lost my luggage tag. Stood in Abu Dhabi airport at the transfer desk relieved it was finally my turn after waiting for an hour because nobody in front of me seemed to have got a proper visum. But now I was the one holding up the line. No luggage tag meant they couldn't check whether my baggage was being transferred to the Brisbane flight, oops! Hoping when I arrive at brisbane airport I will be pleasantly suprised by a blue backpack lying there for me.
All flights have gone very smoothly though. If only easyjet flights had Etihad services. Blankets, cushions, films, tv, toothbrush, earplugs, headphones, sleeping mask and flightsocks. (Which by the way have ended in the bin being the most uncomfortable things ever) 
Arriving in Brisbane the weather looked amazing, regretting this huge jumper now. Once I got through the extremely long pasport process and filled in about 20 forms it was time for the moment of truth. Would my bag be here?! Well.. After waiting for over an hour and seeing everyone around me leaving with their bags I started worrying. There was a dutch couple stood next to me looking extremely grumpy. I got talking to them and they had lost a case too. They'd also had visa problems in Abu Dhabi and been forced to buy completely new visas. Thank God I hadn't had any problems with that.
Eventually, with just 45 minutes left before my next flight boarded our bags came; ultimate moment of relief. After checking my bag back in and going through complicated security we had to get the bus to a different terminal. Whilst boiling in my long jeans the dutch couple told me the now oh so familiar story that their son went backpacking and now still lives here with his Australian wife. Its like some backpackers curse that nobody is ever able to leave Australia once entered.
Finally I had a windowseet on the way to Sydney, the only seat I am able to sleep in. Worst turbulence ever though. Half sleeping while the jumper bundle under my bed kept sliding down leaving my head bouncing against the window I woke up almost falling out of my seat when landing.
The weather in Sydney is super windy and its even raining. I found myself sat on a bench getting soaked waiting for the transfer bus to the hostel. Hundreds of little white buses stopping in front on us letting their asian drivers have a smoke beofre driving off again leaving us sat there with a 'yes, your bus be here soon'. 
Finally I have now arrived at the hostel. The lounge is very crowded, full of all kindsof youth. Theres a bar/club attached to the hostel and i've managed to find the kitchen and laundry room down in the basement. Room is very basic but reasonable clean. All theo ther beds seem unoccupied so I seem to be having a room to myself.
Nowthe plan for the rest of the day is waiting for my ears to unpop and sleep. Tomorrow the tourist sightseeing and jobsearching will start!

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2 Reacties

  1. Mum:
    4 februari 2014
    It's not raining here!!!
  2. Sona:
    5 februari 2014
    Wow kathryn jij kan zo leuk blog verhalen schrijven!!! Kijk ernaar uit om meer van je verhalen te lezen! Dikke kus mijn lebbertje