From Sydney to Melbourne

25 februari 2014 - Sydney, Australië

12 full hours of sleep. Thats what I thought the trip to Melbourne would be. After a week in Bondi this sounded amazing. My days in Bondi seemed to always end up being sleeping late, going out for breakfast, chilling on the beach or in the hostel and then going out till late. A couple of days into Sydney centre to go to Darling Habour fireworks, some shopping and redoing my Skywalk (This time without thunder and heavy winds and sunshine instead) being the exception.

Well my 12 hour sleep plan didnt work. After finding the coach terminal at Sydney centre and saying goodbye to Benji and Jana I could finally dump my bags in the bus. Hoping for a window seat once again I ended up on the aisle next to a mute girl who couldnt even be bothered to say hi back. Well at least I can have a peaceful sleep then  I thought. I thought wrong. Sat behind me taking up the full two seats was the man whose stomache was causing my chair to be unable to recline. Perfect. 

So after 12 hours of trying to find a comfortable position, freezing under the airconditioning and shoving whatever I could find over my ears to ignore the loudest snores ever coming from the back of the bus I arrived in Melbourne. Now Australia and  google maps are not the best of friends. So the entire area around my hostel has not been mapped and google refuses to give directions. All I had to go on was get tram 96 till the Mcdonalds and then the hostel is in the street opposite.

Sounded clear enough and finding the tram was easy. After driving past 5 different stops with a Mcdonalds next to them I was doubting these directions. Getting out at the beach stop, thinking that a beachhouse hostel must be near the beach, I decided to phone the hostel for help. Ofcourse this was at the exact moment my credit was all gone and while on the phone to add more the battery died. With arms about to fall off from my many heavy bags I walked into a hotel and asked at reception. Luckily Australians are extremely friendly and the owner send his son to walk me right down to the end of the road. 

Almost two hours after getting off the bus I was finally inside the hostel and not allowed to check in. Reception being extremely unhelpful the cleaner let me leave my bags in his room and change into clean clothes. 

Breakfast time!. Sat in maccies with my Ipad and hashbrown suddenly two massive security guards come running past and go into the toilets. Me being nosy me move up a couple of tables to see whats happening. The loudest snores ever, yes even worse than from the bus, are coming out of one of the cubicles. Some extremely drunk man had fallen asleep on the toilet and was refusing to wake up and leave. Half an hour, three policemen and a lot of shouting later the man has left Mcdonalds.

What an entertaining start to hopefully a good couple of weeks in Melbourne!



2 Reacties

  1. Oma en opa:
    25 februari 2014
    Zo maak je nog eens wat mee .
  2. Mum:
    25 februari 2014
    I guess it can only get better..... ;)