first day

6 februari 2014 - Sydney, Australië

Frozen cola, 2 liter bottles of ice coffee, slush, cocktailjugs, iced green tea and starbucks everywhere. Considering just living off liquids! Whereever you walk in Sydney theres a million adverts for all of these next to the bright pink banners explaining the overdosis of asians here; chinese new year festival going on. Happy new year!
Being extremely jetlagged I had decided to make the first day a relaxed one. Starting off the zombie walk to find the postoffice, which was surrounded by a construction site, I got slightly lost.
Once my picture had been retaken at least 20 times, because of the paleness of my 'too british' skin, it was time to move on to the bank.
After also sorting an Australian simcard the search for a supermarket began. A 5 minute walk to find, a 2 hour search to get back. Sydney seems to have the annoying habit of having two parallel streets and then having one just end while the other goes on for miles. Very confusing.
Did some shop exploring too. Loads of indoor shopping which continued the habit. Go inside, down one escalator, go into a shop, up three escaltors and come out onto a completely different street. One beautiful building; sort of like a posh Trafford centre. Multiple floors with luxury carpets, colourful mosaics, big stone arches and gorgeous iron gates. Lovely looking brekfast bars down the middle filled with everything you could ever want for breakfast; from fruitsalads and almond croissants to bright purple blueberry bagels. Along the sides millions of lovely boutiques way out of my price range.
Eventually the hostel kitchen had to be tested. After making myself some noodles it was getting late.
Together with two girls from my dorm we decided to go to a bar for happy hour cocktail jugs. Getting back to the hostel early in the morning ended a tiring but succesful first day in Sydney!