Bluesfest and Grafton

27 april 2014 - Sydney, Australië

After a couple of weeks of boring Byron life filled with beach and obsessive 'game of throne' watching things got more interesting when Bluesfest came to town. Being one of the biggest festivals in Australia it was really expensive so I thought I wouldnt ge seeing anything. But on the saturday night the three of us tried to sneak in. After walking the full perimeter, having a guard stop us and walkytalky'ing to everyone to stop us we gave up on the idea of jumping the fence. Standing by the exit and asking people for their wristbands was the perfect next plan. Just ten minutes later we were through the gates with wripped wristbands and bottles under our jumpers. With good music, fun people and an amazing vibe it was two really fun nights. Then it was easter aka day filled with eating only chocolate!

After doubling my waistside we travelled up to Grafton to help Jen do up her house. Lovely week in Grafton with good food, gorgeous views and full planned days. A walk through a rainforest was lovely. We spotted a walibi and stood under a beautiful waterfall. Then the next day was spent pulling nails up out of the floor for five hours straight. A trip to the beach and an aussie pub was the perfect reward. 

Then our last day in Grafton we wanted to swim in a real waterfall so we drove to Dorrago and went to the Dangar falls. After a very steep little path down you get to see the most beautiful rockpool with a lovely waterfall going into it. We blew up big rubber rings and braved the water. With everyone on the side staring at us like e were crazy we got into the icewater and swam upto the waterfall. A very refreshing lovely swim .

The next day was back up to Byron Bay for our last week in the house. Celebrating ANZAC day and playing two's up made me feel very Australian before it was Koningsdag and the dutch feeling came out.


 Now to enjoy the last couple of days including kayaking with dolphins before its up to Cairns on Saturday to start work and get some money before the travel down the coast back to Sydney starts!